HT2 – Shalom, Shiloah

Hezekiah’s Tunnel brings the five fold ministries (the waters of the Gihon Spring) from outside the church (the City of David/Jesus) into it’s centre and collects it in a large healing pool called the Pool of Siloam. If you are not sure what that means, have a read of the Hezekiah’s Tunnel – Vision and the other teachings on this site.

As we start this second season, healing is one of the main aims of this work – healing in the sense of a thorough body, soul and spirit health or shalom. The gently flowing stream of Shiloh is the source of this healing. The Holy Spirit does not come with a bluster.

One of our main passages flowing through the tunnel and unifying us has been 1 Cor. 13:4-8. There are 16 attributes of Love described here which seem to especially apply to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is:

  1. patient with us
  2. and kind while He is patient.
  3. He doesn’t strive,
  4. doesn’t put Himself forward,
  5. nor is He ever arrogant
  6. or rude.
  7. He considers others as much as Himself
  8. and is not provoked or irritable.
  9. He never brings up our past mistakes
  10. but at the same time He doesn’t rejoice in evil
  11. but rejoices when we speak the truth.
  12. He bears with us through everything we do
  13. and never stops believing in us anyway.
  14. He is with us in everything we endure
  15. and never stops hoping that we will persevere.
  16. His love never loses its authority and never gives up on us.

Please learn these 16 attributes off by heart, internalise them and ensure you are applying them as you dig. Use the above or your favourite translation.

If we don’t put this into practice, the flying stones and debris, the chore of carrying out the rubble and the stress of digging underneath 150 ft of bedrock will overwhelm us (spiritualise that last sentence as much as you can – but the effort and commitment involved is similar :)).

We are restarting the Monday night meetings at Open Arms Church in the Café area and moving out to the Kidzone this Monday 9th September 2019 at 1915 hours. The format will follow the same as before: Worship for 15-20 mins, Breaking of Bread for 15-20 mins, Open Church with teaching (as per 1 Cor. 14:26-40) for up to 90 mins and healing prayers to close or incorporated in that time as the Spirit leads. Different individuals will lead each part on different weeks.

As we know from all that is happening and what PJ is preaching, God is on the move. I am looking forward to seeing what He is going to do with us!

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