Conduits and Channels

I was watching a film on Netflix called “The Boy who Harnessed the Wind.” It tells the true story of 13-year-old William Kamkwamba who built a wind turbine to save his Malawian village from famine. From a combination of corporate exploitation and greed, Government corruption and a failed rainy season, the people of William’s village and surrounding areas were starving.

What was significant to me was that the village had a well which was not dry, there was enough water in it to supply all their needs. However, because there was no pump they could not draw enough of it quickly enough to irrigate their crops. And so they were starving.

Back in King Ahaz and Hezekiah’s time, Jerusalem faced a similar problem. There was an abundant supply of water in the Gihon spring but it was located outside the walls of Jerusalem. This meant that it had to be laboriously collected in buckets day by day. Its location also left the city vulnerable. If there was a besieging army it was easy for them to prevent the people getting to the spring.

King Ahaz lived around the time Isaiah was prophesying. He started to build a tunnel from the spring into the city and his son, King Hezekiah, probably completed it. You can read more about the inscription found in the 19th century and Isaiah’s softly flowing waters of Shiloah in my other blog on the subject.

This tunnel would have had a significant impact on the lives of the people of Jerusalem at the time. The water from the Gihon spring flowed through Hezekiah’s tunnel into the Pool of Siloam (Sent). Later on Jesus sent a blind man to that pool who returned seeing (John 9).

A good site on Hezekiah’s Tunnel is https://watchjerusalem.co.il/59-hezekiahs-tunnel

According to the understanding I have been given (hopefully by the Lord – I will let you be the judge of that) the following is what is represented by the spring, Hezekiah’s tunnel and the pool of Siloam (Sent):

  1. The Gihon spring represents the 5 fold ministries and gifts of the Body of Christ, His Church. Powerful and upwelling these gifts and ministries supply sustenance and support for any living church. Without them any church will die – or was never living in the first place.
  2. The tunnel represents a means of enabling the 5 fold ministries and spiritual gifts to function or be channelled into a church. I believe Paul has shown us how this is done using the model of church meetings he describes in 1 Cor. 14:26- 40. Our local church (Open Arms) is facilitating this mode of church expression with meetings on Monday evenings in the main hall (closed for summer break July and August 2019).
  3. The Pool of Siloam is the healing place for the saints in the midst of the church. The 5 fold ministries and spiritual gifts are functioning in it and people are being healed, set free and delivered.

For any church the application is clear. Just like in Ahaz and Hezekiah’s time there will be some messy work to be done. The tunnel will require work and digging at. The literal tunnel in Jerusalem run for 500m under the wall of the city and the waters emerged, gently flowing, in the centre of Jerusalem. However the work required to build it took two teams of workers coming at it from both directions and meeting in the middle. They didn’t have tunnel boring machines so this was wielding pickaxes and sledgehammers, blow by blow at the rock that underlaid the city’s foundations. There was risk involved. No doubt many said at the time it was too dangerous. Perhaps some lives were lost. But the results made it all worthwhile.

It wasn’t long after the tunnel was built that the King of Assyria arrived with a horrific army and a reputation for flaying people alive. All he could do was lock Hezekiah and his inhabitants up inside the city. He knew the water supply and no doubt tried to block up the tunnel but who knows how much valuable time Jerusalem gained while the waters still flowed. In the end not even the spring could save them but God intervened.

Without Him we can do nothing.

But with Him anything is possible.

HT2 – Shalom, Shiloah

Hezekiah’s Tunnel brings the five fold ministries (the waters of the Gihon Spring) from outside the church (the City of David/Jesus) into it’s centre and collects it in a large healing pool called the Pool of Siloam. If you are not sure what that means, have a read of the Hezekiah’s Tunnel – Vision and the other teachings on this site.

As we start this second season, healing is one of the main aims of this work – healing in the sense of a thorough body, soul and spirit health or shalom. The gently flowing stream of Shiloh is the source of this healing. The Holy Spirit does not come with a bluster.

One of our main passages flowing through the tunnel and unifying us has been 1 Cor. 13:4-8. There are 16 attributes of Love described here which seem to especially apply to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is:

  1. patient with us
  2. and kind while He is patient.
  3. He doesn’t strive,
  4. doesn’t put Himself forward,
  5. nor is He ever arrogant
  6. or rude.
  7. He considers others as much as Himself
  8. and is not provoked or irritable.
  9. He never brings up our past mistakes
  10. but at the same time He doesn’t rejoice in evil
  11. but rejoices when we speak the truth.
  12. He bears with us through everything we do
  13. and never stops believing in us anyway.
  14. He is with us in everything we endure
  15. and never stops hoping that we will persevere.
  16. His love never loses its authority and never gives up on us.

Please learn these 16 attributes off by heart, internalise them and ensure you are applying them as you dig. Use the above or your favourite translation.

If we don’t put this into practice, the flying stones and debris, the chore of carrying out the rubble and the stress of digging underneath 150 ft of bedrock will overwhelm us (spiritualise that last sentence as much as you can – but the effort and commitment involved is similar :)).

We are restarting the Monday night meetings at Open Arms Church in the Café area and moving out to the Kidzone this Monday 9th September 2019 at 1915 hours. The format will follow the same as before: Worship for 15-20 mins, Breaking of Bread for 15-20 mins, Open Church with teaching (as per 1 Cor. 14:26-40) for up to 90 mins and healing prayers to close or incorporated in that time as the Spirit leads. Different individuals will lead each part on different weeks.

As we know from all that is happening and what PJ is preaching, God is on the move. I am looking forward to seeing what He is going to do with us!